Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Enthusiasts #3 - Rocky Horror Picture Show Cult Screening by Sophia Davidson-Gluyas

There are three quite significant changes to note this time around:
1. The date has changed to Saturday 13th March.
2. It's going to be at our bigger, better and brand new venue: 6 Wetherill St, Leichhardt - just off Norton St and a block up from the Palace Cinemas.
3. This Enthusiasts Afternoon is actually going to be an EVENING: 8pm till late (8pm for general venue-warming type festivities/enthusiasm and then the big screening at midnight).

This month's event will be hosted by enthusiast Sophia Davidson-Gluyas who will be leading us all in an old fashioned midnight Rocky Horror cult screening. So if you're a Rocky Horror tragic, or a cult screening beginner, or even a Rocky Horror virgin, you should seriously consider coming along for a little Frankenfurter seduction and corruption.

Here's a rundown of the plan from Sophia:

Hello my unconventional conventionists!

For my enthusiast afternoon of madness I thought it would be fun to attempt to recreate a cult midnight screening of Rocky Horror and talk a bit about why and how this happens, as it is curious and interesting and a lot of fun... the thing is, it does involve a lot of participation that was customarily done/ad-libbed/created by really obsessed fans who did this every week and knew the songs/characters & call backs inside out. I'm not going to actually be able to create what they (the screenings) are/were really like as I’m not really obsessed I’m more interested (or enthused!) by the phenomenon... but I’m going to try to do a little to make it more visceral, tactile, fun and interactive than just hiring the dvd so we all get a little taste of what the cult is about... I’m rehearsing a cast to do a few of the numbers, (generally at the screenings they would have tons of obsessed fans/actors doing all the numbers) which should be sensational! I even have a delicious duet frankenfurter of the Eric and the Rob (some of you may have been lucky enough to have seen their performance in my living room which led to my wanting to attempt this as my enthusiast afternoon topic)... trust me they are glove-snappingly good!

In any case, you (those of you who feel like attending) can help with the whole making this feel like an experience thing... For starters: please dress up, pearls, rubber gloves, fish nets, anything shiny, sexy, silly! And if you have any of these items: Rice, Water Pistols, Confetti, Toast, Rubber gloves, Lighters, Party Poppers, Hat, Blowers, Newspaper or Playing cards please bring them along and I’ll tell you what to do with them... I’ll bring along as much of the list as I can too for people that can't be bothered or forget... and... I've attached a script for the really keen, if you've read about or been to a cult screening you'll know that there are a whole bunch of calls that people scream out at the movie, if you want to have a glance through the script and even just pick a couple of the calls you find funny and think you can nail the timing of please yell them out, this, I’m realising, is the tricky bit, so my screening might be a little light on the call back front but i'm sure we'll get the idea... and have a great deal of fun nonetheless.

Thanks for reading that ramble...

And remember...

On just the 13th of March... I can make you a MAN!


Soph. x

So we'll hopefully see you all Saturday night for a rollicking good Enthusiasts #3.

Don't forget that buses go all night (every 20 mins or so) from Norton st!

And also don't forget to bring your costumes, drinks, nibblies, and enthusiasm!

Nonchalance will not be tolerated!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phil's Universe

Here are some shots from Phil's exhibition taken by the fantastic Georgia Blackie. Thank you Georgia. And a mega-dinosaur thank you to Phil who put heaps of effort into getting everything together and managed to put on a kick ass final show at the Leinster St space.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Universe is made of nothing - Installation, video & photography by Philip Soliman

An exhibition of new work by Phil Soliman
January 21 5.30-8.30pm space|space 3/97 Leinster Street Paddington

After graduating from the Bachelor of Multimedia at Charles Sturt University, Phil Soliman set out to understand the world more fully through the creation and manipulation of images, words and sounds. Chance and experimentation play a vital role in his practice. By allowing outside forces, such as random-number-generating algorithms in computer software, or the 'fuzzy logic' of human interaction, to affect the final result, Phil introduces another dimension of meaning to his creative process, and draws attention to his place as an artist within the social and physical machine called Earth.

For most of my adult life, I have been fascinated by the scientific investigations of sub-atomic particles. The most captivating aspect of these fragments was their completely contradictory behaviour when studied within the grand old science of physics. Scientists were bewildered by how the same particle could be in two different places at the same time. Or how particles could move forwards and backwards through time. Or even, incredibly, how two particles that were in two vastly distant places could actually affect each other, instantaneously. In other words, they appeared to be magical. And the universe was made of them!

Here was glaring proof that the old laws of physics were not the absolute truths physicists claimed them to be. Physical scientists were forced to step into the wobbly world of philosophy. And belief. Discussions about the possibility of parallel dimensions, time travel, astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis and a host of other crazy nonsense were occurring within a scientific framework. At the root of all this madness was the idea that the Universe appeared the way it did because of our perception, and that beneath this appearance there was a featureless, infinite fabric that could be bent and shifted and shaped by our will, if only we knew. It seemed like the Universe was actually made of nothing but consciousness.
This body of work is my attempt to access the part of your brain that wonders that maybe the above assertions could be true, and open your mind to the possibility that the Universe is made of nothing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Enthusiast Afternoon #2 – Věra Chytilová enthusiasm by Haidee Ireland

Enthusiast Afternoon #2 - Vera Chytilova enthusiasm by Haidee Ireland
Sunday January 10, 4.00-6.00pm

Destruction! Dada! Feminism! Food fights! The world has gone bad! Let’s do likewise!

This is the second afternoon in our series of Enthusiast Afternoons during which the Enthusiast transfers their excitement for a particular subject or artistic, literary or musical creation onto the awaiting audience.

This month features Věra Chytilová enthusiasm by Haidee Ireland and will include a screening of the Czech director’s 1966 New Wave gem Daisies/Sedmikrásky. 

Yes there will be cake! 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bubble & Squeak

Rob and Eric are having a show. So come along folks. It'll be a blast!

Friday, October 23, 2009

CoFAtopia interview

So CoFAtopia, the CoFA Arc student zine, asked Eric and I to answer some questions about the Teddy exhibition. And we did.

Click it to Big it:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

TBP Reviewed

Teddy Bears' Picnic just received a class review written by the lovely Clare of the Punk Monk collective. Have a little look-see at her blog here